Anyone else feel trapped texting someone new?

Whenever I match with a new guy on MATURE SEX MATCH and I like him enough to give him my number so we can talk through texting I always feel like I’m trapped doing it. Like all my attention has to be on texting and if I don’t respond after a certain amount of time he’ll lose interest, think I’m not interested, etc. so it holds me back from doing things I need to get done if a guy is texting me.

I could really like him and have this be my issue, I’m just not a fan of texting even if it’s an enjoyable conversation. I’m going on a date with him (which I’m nervous af about) and I feel like if I like him and want to get to know him more and slowly become comfortable seeing him I won’t be such a nervous texter and feel so trapped.

So I dread having him text me or even me starting conversations because I feel like it’s taking up my time to get things done because I’ll feel bad if I don’t respond in x amount of time.